Landcare: Carbon Farming Intitiative Draft Regulation – opportunty for submissions

The link below might be of interest in checking where the Carbon Farming Initiative is up to.

There is an opportunity til the end of this week to make submissions on the draft Regulation which sets out positive and negative lists of the types of projects which will and wont be allowed to participate.

I wont attempt to summarise the list but simply to highlight one on the negative list which is of particular significance to our region.

That is tree plantations in areas of greater than 600mm average annual rainfall. The reason for listing such projects is essentially their potential impact on water runoff and there are exceptions (e.g. if the plantation is an environmental planting, has a high security water entitlement or addresses dryland salinity issues).

Notably, sequestration of increased carbon in soils is on the positive list although this is likely to have similar impact on water runoff through improved moisture holding capacity.

I am also attaching some notes I prepared recently following attendance at Carbon Farming Initiative training in Melbourne.

Please dont hesitate to contact me with any questions or discussion.


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North East Victoria

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