Community Bushfire Update and Invitation

Community Bushfire Funding Update

On 28 July 2011 representatives from our Community Steering Committee who represent the fire affected communities presented the final submission entitled “Into Our Hands” to Alan Brown, the Chairman of the Community Advisory Committee (CAC) to the Victorian Bushfire Appeal Fund Advisory Panel.

In this submission, the five priority medium to long-term projects identified from the extensive community consultation process were outlined:

  • Establishment of a Community Foundation
  • Static water supply for community hubs
  • Whole of community landscape project
  • Community strengthening project
  • Memorial quilts

The CAC will review submissions from each of the eight fire affected communities across Victoria and a final allocation of funding is expected to be announced in three to six months time.

In the meantime, the Community Steering Committee headed by Loretta Carroll is putting procedures in place which will ensure the community is ready to accept funds into a Community Foundation. These include:

  • A Community Foundation Concept Development Workshop which has been scheduled for Wednesday 31 August, to be funded by the Department of Planning and Community Development (Please see attached invitation).

· A feasibility study for the establishment of a Community Foundation to be funded by the Foundation of Rural & Regional Renewal (FRRR) due to commence late September.

  • Two training courses for a total of 30 community members to undertake training in rural community development, leadership and change management skills. These are to be run between September and December 2011 and again from February to June 2012 and will be funded by FRRR.

Following the Community Foundation Concept Development Workshop on 31st August, a full report outlining the outcomes will be distributed.

Invitation to Community Foundation Concept Development Workshop.doc

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