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FYI – The Government is reviewing it’s Food Policy and has released an issues paper and is calling for submissions.
From the website:
The issues paper provides a focus for consultation about possible improvements to the current food policy and covers the whole food supply chain from paddock to plate.
The government is seeking ideas and suggestions from all stakeholders on what a national food plan should cover and aim to achieve.

National Food Plan Issues Paper : Have your say

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Submissions on the ‘Issues paper to inform development of a national food plan’
are due by 5pm Australian Eastern Standard Time, Friday, 5 August 2011

(Gene Ethics has asked Minister Ludwig for a one month extension. No reply yet)



There is also an opportunity to provide written submissions. Questions are included in the issues paper, which may assist you in making your submission.

Closing date for submissions is 5pm Australian Eastern Standard Time, Friday, 5 August 2011.

The government intends to draw upon your ideas and suggestions from the public consultation process on the issues paper to develop policy options for a national food plan. However the government does not intend to formally respond to specific issues raised through the public consultation process.

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