Landcare: OLN Energy Plan from March


Hi All, Here is the plan developed at the OLN General Meeting held at Beechworth in March.

To refresh what the purpose of the meeting was: It was titled: “Putting our Plans into Action”
With the funding authorities shifting their priorities and targeting landscape scale projects, there is an increased role of Networks in obtaining funding and the need for OLN to have group input.
The meeting was facilitated by Moragh McKay, who has been developing a planning model for use by groups and networks of all types.

Moragh will assist us to

  • brainstorm project topics such as Energy, Pest Control, Biological Weed Control and Regional Climate, to
  • flesh out specific areas of interest and what can realistically be turned into projects.
  • identify the best methods to tackle the topics and why these are the best methods – previous success and good track record
  • work through what resources are required and where to find these resources.

The attached report is the result of the evenings discussion on the chosen topic: Energy.

Essentially this is early in the project development process. Recognise that timelines in the plan are indicative and relative only. To progress the project we need people to own and champion the project.
OLN could be prepared to commit funding to underwrite an expo style event, but we need people to committ to the project and flesh out the details of such an event.

We need people to register as interested in working with the plan.

Please have a look at the plan, provide feedback to me or other committee members and at the AGM we will also be keen to hear feedback.

David Minifie
OLN Secretary

OLN_Project_Plan- Moragh_report.doc

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