Landcare: Victorian Landcare Council submission

FYI – VLC is the Victorian Landcare Council, a group of dedicated landcarers representing the grass roots landcarer, they lobby MPs and the other bodies influencing policy and funding of landcare.
The Executive Summary page 2-3 has a couple of paragraphs explaining the VLC and then summarises the submission.
Please have a read of at least the summary.

The North East has the right of five representatives to the VLC. Currently Judy Griffiths is representing the OLN and would welcome someone else to help with the role.
The other networks in the North East are also being called on to have representation.

David Minifie, OLN Secretary

Hi David,

Could you please send the VLC’s response to the National Framework for Landcare out to groups for their information.
There has been a lot of work go into this document for the benefit of the landcare community, all we need is for the Federal and State govts to take on the suggestions.

VLC response to ALC Action Plan 120611.pdf

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