Landcare: Biodynamics training at Glenrowan

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A 2 day Basic Biodynamics FarmReady 65% refundable workshop for primary producers seeking affordable,

natural alternatives to conventional farming practices, designed and presented by Australia’s peak body
for biodynamics, Biodynamic Agriculture Australia Ltd, a not for profit Company.

Fostering, safeguarding and restoring the natural environment through the development and promotion
of the biodynamic method in all agricultural pursuits as indicated by the late Dr Rudolf Steiner. “

Farmers’ evaluation comments:
“Lively workshop….lots of knowledge given and gained….I’m going to adopt these methods.”
“A fascinating workshop, I really enjoyed taking part in the compost building demonstration.”
“No dozing off for me …. what great presenters…. held my interest throughout.”


Date: 18 & 19 August, 2011 9am – 5pm both days
Lunch and refreshments provided.


Introduction to Biodynamics
∗ Biodynamic Preparations – how to increase the soil food web and soil fertility
∗ Building humus and developing soil structure, increased water holding and natural fertility

Developing on farm fertility methods
∗ Building a Compost Heap
∗ Making Manure Concentrate
∗ Making Seaweed tea

Climate risk management:
∗ Reading the rhythms and pulses of the planetary cycles
∗ Planting Calendar –for optimal planting and spray times
∗ Preparing for climate extremes

Biodynamics as tools for:
∗ Prevention of fungal diseases
∗ Managing weeds and pests – peppering
∗ Animal health – use of Homeopathy

Application and stirring of the Biodynamic Preparations
Developing a seasonal activity and spray programme for all aspects of agriculture – viticulture, horticulture, pasture,
cropping and market gardening.

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