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A few considerations should be taken into account when planting this year. Ecological surveys in the north-east have shown that there is a tremendous lack of understorey plants.

Some eminent NRM gurus are saying there should be up to 80% understorey planted with 20% larger trees. If you follow this guide and plant sporadically, untidely and not in lines. With small clumps of trees and larger clumps of understorey plants you will get a far better mix and possible success rate of understorey surviving. Not putting marching soldiers over the landscape.

If you can print out the Barwidgee Vegetation Profile attached it will give you a better idea of plant species and low growing plants.

Please remember that Phragmites australis (common reed) once established is exceptionally good at protecting ground from erosion.

Good luck with a wonderful season for planting as many plants as you can. Protected from any stock.

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