Community Info: Lyn Gunter request for Fire Recovery input

Hi to all

Some time ago I was contacted by Lyn Gunter, who was the Mayor of the Shire of Murrundindi at the time of the Black Saturday fires. She is in the process of developing a template or plan of action that can be applied in the event of any emergency situation,and is looking for input from affected communities. Lyn is doing this with a couple of friends off her own back without any government or funding support, but is very passionate about the need for a concrete set of guidelines and wants to document what we have learnt from our bushfire experience for future disasters.

Lyn has three main questions that they are asking, and if anyone would like to respond, please email Lyn directly at gunters

What has and is working well in your Recovery?

What could be improved and How?

What key message would you provide for future communities?


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