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March 2011

It seems to be the season for consultation with the Draft Action Plan for Australian Landcare and the review of the Federal Governments‟ Caring for Our Country Program generating significant discussion, and this is a good thing. Both of these issues are interrelated, but the Action plan for Australian Landcare is the opportunity for all those involved in the broader Landcare movement to put down what they think that the various partners could do in the future.

The Caring for Our Country Review is an important step in the Federal Government considering how best to respond to its investment in this important area. If you who have an interest in the broader Landcare movement/NRM and the environment and the investment of the Federal Govenrment in this area, it is important that you take the time and make a considered response. In travelling across the country, I hear much about what people would like to see happen, so this is the ideal opportunity to get your views down and participate.

In early March, the Carbon Farming Initiative (CFI) forum and the first national meeting of the Regional Landcare Facilitators (RLF’s), were held in Canberra. The CFI forum was hosted by the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries & Forestry and included the RLF‟s, regional bodies and industry representatives etc. The forum provided an update on the legislative processes and carbon related research which is being carried out. Also a focus of the forum was to discuss how best to engage rural land managers in the CFI. The participants gave some very frank and clear feedback that good quality practical information was essential.

The RLF meeting was the first time that this group had come together for a national meeting since this $8 million per annum initiative was announced by the Federal Government last year, and it highlighted the breadth of expertise, experience and enthusiasm within the RLF‟s across the country. The RLF‟s have a major role in progressing the broader Landcare partnership within their region in ways that are relevant to their communities. Nearly all of the RLF‟s are now in place, so to find the contacts for the RLF in your area go to:

In this issue:

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Draft Action Plan for Australian Landcare Framework out for comment
Little River Landcare
Climate and Weather Information at Climate Kelpie
2011 State and Territory Landcare Awards
FAO Food Price Index
Other News (including upcoming dates and events)

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